2017-12-11The whole app was 310,000downloaded!
2017-11-13Visual Acuity Test was 60,000 downloaded!
2017-11-12The whole app was 300,000downloaded!
2017-11-03the Dicesver2.0
2017-10-24Tower of Hanoi was 8,000 downloaded!
2017-10-19Shisen-Sho was 10,000 downloaded!
2017-10-18Text Crypter was 7,000 downloaded!
2017-10-17Nonogram was 60,000 downloaded!
2017-10-17Password Generatorver2.0
2017-10-16The whole app was 290,000downloaded!
2017-10-1515 Puzzle was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-10-15Visual Acuity Testver1.2
2017-10-14Password Generatorver1.4
2017-10-13HTTP Tester was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-10-12Amidakuji was 20,000 downloaded!
2017-10-11Visual Acuity Test was 55,000 downloaded!
2017-10-09Radix Converter was 6,000 downloaded!
2017-09-29Couple Solitaire was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-09-28The whole app was 280,000downloaded!
2017-09-28the Dices was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-09-28Flash Memories was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-09-28Nan J Reader was 6,000 downloaded!
2017-09-28Number Place was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-09-27Flash Arithmetic was 9,000 downloaded!
2017-09-27Kakuro was 4,000 downloaded!
2017-09-27Nip was 4,000 downloaded!
2017-09-27Password Generator was 5,000 downloaded!
2017-09-26BMI Calculator was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-09-26Monte Carlo Solitaire was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-09-24The whole app was 270,000downloaded!
2017-09-24Kaibun Generator was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-09-24π was 4,000 downloaded!
2017-09-24Shisen-Sho was 9,000 downloaded!
2017-09-24SI Prefix Converter was 4,000 downloaded!
2017-09-23Trader's Reader was 6,000 downloaded!
2017-09-22Life Clock was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-09-20The whole app was 260,000downloaded!
2017-09-19Kancolle Timer was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-09-19Radix Converter was 5,000 downloaded!
2017-09-18Life Simulation Game was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-09-17Random Numbers Generator was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-09-17Text Crypter was 6,000 downloaded!
2017-09-17Six Timers was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-09-16The whole app was 250,000downloaded!
2017-09-1610 Solitaire was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-09-15Reversi was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-09-14HTTP Tester was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-09-1415 Puzzle was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-09-14Shisen-Sho was 8,000 downloaded!
2017-09-13the Dices was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-09-13Flash Arithmetic was 8,000 downloaded!
2017-09-13Flash Memories was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-09-13Number Place was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-09-13Password Generator was 4,000 downloaded!
2017-09-12The whole app was 240,000downloaded!
2017-09-12Couple Solitaire was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-09-12Nan J Reader was 5,000 downloaded!
2017-09-11Kakuro was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-09-11Monte Carlo Solitaire was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-09-11Nip was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-09-11Visual Acuity Test was 50,000 downloaded!
2017-09-09Kaibun Generator was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-09-09π was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-09-09SI Prefix Converter was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-09-09Trader's Reader was 5,000 downloaded!
2017-09-08BMI Calculator was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-09-07The whole app was 230,000downloaded!
2017-09-07Life Clock was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-09-05Minesweeper was 10,000 downloaded!
2017-09-05Radix Converter was 4,000 downloaded!
2017-09-04Kancolle Timer was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-09-04Nonogram was 55,000 downloaded!
2017-09-04Text Crypter was 5,000 downloaded!
2017-09-02The whole app was 220,000downloaded!
2017-09-02Life Simulation Game was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-09-02Random Numbers Generator was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-09-0110 Solitaire was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-09-01Tower of Hanoi was 7,000 downloaded!
2017-08-31Six Timers was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-08-30HTTP Tester was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-08-30Reversi was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-08-29Shisen-Sho was 7,000 downloaded!
2017-08-28The whole app was 21,000downloaded!
2017-08-28Password Generator was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-08-2815 Puzzle was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-08-27the Dices was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-08-27Flash Memories was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-08-27Nan J Reader was 4,000 downloaded!
2017-08-26Flash Arithmetic was 7,000 downloaded!
2017-08-26Number Place was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-08-25The whole app was 200,000downloaded!
2017-08-25Couple Solitaire was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-08-25Monte Carlo Solitaire was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-08-25Trader's Reader was 4,000 downloaded!
2017-08-24Kakuro was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-08-24Nip was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-08-23Metronome was 10,000 downloaded!
2017-08-23SI Prefix Converter was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-08-22π was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-08-21Life Clock was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-08-20Minesweeper was 9,000 downloaded!
2017-08-20Radix Converter was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-08-19The whole app was 19,000downloaded!
2017-08-19BMI Calculator was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-08-18Kancolle Timer was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-08-11Text Crypter was 4,000 downloaded!
2017-08-10Visual Acuity Test was 45,000 downloaded!
2017-08-07Shisen-Sho was 6,000 downloaded!
2017-08-01The whole app was 180,000downloaded!
2017-08-01Tower of Hanoi was 6,000 downloaded!
2017-07-30Amidakuji was 15,000 downloaded!
2017-07-28Random Numbers Generatorver1.0
2017-07-20Nonogram was 50,000 downloaded!
2017-07-17Trader's Readerver2.1
2017-07-11Visual Acuity Test was 40,000 downloaded!
2017-07-10kittengine 2周年
2017-07-07The whole app was 170,000downloaded!
2017-07-07Metronome was 9,000 downloaded!
2017-07-05Flash Arithmetic was 6,000 downloaded!
2017-06-25HTTP Testerver1.0
2017-06-15Visual Acuity Test was 35,000 downloaded!
2017-06-13The whole app was 160,000downloaded!
2017-06-03Tower of Hanoi was 5,000 downloaded!
2017-05-31Trader's Reader was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-05-28Shisen-Sho was 5,000 downloaded!
2017-05-24Trader's Readerver2.0
2017-05-23The whole app was 150,000downloaded!
2017-05-23Nonogram was 45,000 downloaded!
2017-05-23Visual Acuity Test was 30,000 downloaded!
2017-05-09Nan J Reader was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-05-03Text Crypter was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-05-02Kakuro was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-04-27Tower of Hanoiver1.1
2017-04-27Trader's Readerver1.3
2017-04-27Visual Acuity Testver1.1
2017-04-26The whole app was 140,000downloaded!
2017-04-26Couple Solitairever1.2
2017-04-26Lucky Clover Solitairever1.1
2017-04-26Monte Carlo Solitairever1.3
2017-04-26Number Placever1.4
2017-04-2615 Puzzlever1.1
2017-04-26Pyramid Solitairever1.2
2017-04-26Radix Converterver1.2
2017-04-26SI Prefix Converterver1.2
2017-04-2610 Solitairever1.1
2017-04-26Text Crypterver1.2
2017-04-25Custom Calculatorver1.1
2017-04-25Flash Arithmetic Customver1.2
2017-04-25Flash Memoriesver1.3
2017-04-25Kaibun Generatorver1.2
2017-04-25Kancolle Timerver1.2
2017-04-25Life Clockver1.2
2017-04-25Life Simulation Gamever1.1
2017-04-25Password Generatorver1.3
2017-04-24Metronome was 8,000 downloaded!
2017-04-21BMI Calculatorver1.2
2017-04-21Colored Tilever1.3
2017-04-21Color Sensever1.2
2017-04-21the Dicesver1.1
2017-04-21Flash Arithmeticver1.8
2017-04-21Momonga kunver1.5
2017-04-20Visual Acuity Test was 25,000 downloaded!
2017-04-18Trader's Readerver1.2
2017-04-17Password Generator was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-04-12Shisen-Sho was 4,000 downloaded!
2017-04-02The whole app was 130,000downloaded!
2017-03-30Nonogram was 40,000 downloaded!
2017-03-30Visual Acuity Test was 20,000 downloaded!
2017-03-28Reversi was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-03-23Nip was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-03-22The whole app was 120,000downloaded!
2017-03-22Trader's Reader was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-03-18Flash Arithmetic was 5,000 downloaded!
2017-03-15Falling Block Puzzle Game was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-03-14Radix Converter was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-03-08Metronome was 7,000 downloaded!
2017-03-04Visual Acuity Test was 15,000 downloaded!
2017-02-24Amidakuji was 10,000 downloaded!
2017-02-23The whole app was 110,000downloaded!
2017-02-19Minesweeper was 8,000 downloaded!
2017-02-19Minesweeper was 7,000 downloaded!
2017-02-19Minesweeper was 6,000 downloaded!
2017-02-19Minesweeper was 5,000 downloaded!
2017-02-19Minesweeper was 4,000 downloaded!
2017-02-19Minesweeper was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-02-19Minesweeper was 2,000 downloaded!
2017-02-19Minesweeper was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-02-18The whole app was 100,000downloaded!
2017-02-08Nonogram was 35,000 downloaded!
2017-02-04The whole app was 95,000downloaded!
2017-01-31Custom Calculatorver1.0
2017-01-27Tower of Hanoi was 4,000 downloaded!
2017-01-25Shisen-Sho was 3,000 downloaded!
2017-01-20Metronome was 6,000 downloaded!
2017-01-20π was 1,000 downloaded!
2017-01-19Amidakuji was 9,000 downloaded!
2017-01-18The whole app was 90,000downloaded!
2017-01-17Falling Block Puzzle Gamever1.2
2017-01-13Falling Block Puzzle Gamever1.1
2017-01-11Falling Block Puzzle Gamever1.0
2017-01-09Nan J Readerver2.1
2017-01-09Visual Acuity Test was 10,000 downloaded!
2017-01-05Nan J Readerver2.0

Happy New Year!

Cheers to 2017!

2017-01-01The whole app was 85,000downloaded!
2016-12-20Amidakuji was 8,000 downloaded!
2016-12-17Visual Acuity Test was 9,000 downloaded!
2016-12-11The whole app was 80,000downloaded!
2016-12-03Nonogram was 30,000 downloaded!
2016-11-28Nan J Reader was 2,000 downloaded!
2016-11-25Metronome was 5,000 downloaded!
2016-11-23Trader's Reader was 1,000 downloaded!
2016-11-23Visual Acuity Test was 8,000 downloaded!
2016-11-19The whole app was 75,000downloaded!
2016-11-08Flash Arithmetic was 4,000 downloaded!
2016-11-05SI Prefix Converter was 1,000 downloaded!
2016-11-04Visual Acuity Test was 7,000 downloaded!
2016-11-02Amidakuji was 7,000 downloaded!
2016-10-30The whole app was 70,000downloaded!
2016-10-28Tower of Hanoi was 3,000 downloaded!
2016-10-24Password Generatorver1.2
2016-10-23Tower of Hanoi was 2,000 downloaded!
2016-10-22Text Crypter was 2,000 downloaded!
2016-10-16The whole app was 65,000downloaded!
2016-10-13Visual Acuity Test was 6,000 downloaded!
2016-10-09Shisen-Sho was 2,000 downloaded!
2016-10-08Radix Converter was 1,000 downloaded!
2016-10-06Metronome was 4,000 downloaded!
2016-09-28Nonogram was 25,000 downloaded!
2016-09-24The whole app was 60,000downloaded!
2016-09-22Visual Acuity Test was 5,000 downloaded!
2016-09-01The whole app was 55,000downloaded!
2016-08-29Visual Acuity Test was 4,000 downloaded!
2016-08-28Amidakuji was 6,000 downloaded!
2016-08-21Nan J Reader was 1,000 downloaded!
2016-08-18Metronome was 3,000 downloaded!
2016-08-16Six Timersver1.1
2016-08-11Kancolle Timerver1.1
2016-08-09The whole app was 50,000downloaded!
2016-08-09Kancolle Timerver1.0
2016-08-04Visual Acuity Test was 3,000 downloaded!
2016-07-30Nonogram was 20,000 downloaded!
2016-07-28Six Timersver1.0
2016-07-18The whole app was 45,000downloaded!
2016-07-10kittengine 1周年
2016-07-08Amidakuji was 5,000 downloaded!
2016-07-03Metronome was 2,000 downloaded!
2016-07-02Visual Acuity Test was 2,000 downloaded!
2016-06-27The whole app was 40,000downloaded!
2016-06-26Password Generator was 1,000 downloaded!
2016-06-23Flash Arithmetic was 3,000 downloaded!
2016-06-21Tower of Hanoi was 1,000 downloaded!
2016-06-19Shisen-Sho was 1,000 downloaded!
2016-06-13Nonogram was 15,000 downloaded!
2016-06-12The whole app was 35,000downloaded!
2016-06-11Life Simulation Gamever1.0
2016-06-11Tower of Hanoiver1.0
2016-06-04Visual Acuity Test was 1,000 downloaded!
2016-05-26The whole app was 30,000downloaded!
2016-05-23Metronome was 1,000 downloaded!
2016-05-22Amidakuji was 4,000 downloaded!
2016-05-19Trader's Readerver1.1
2016-05-17Trader's Readerver1.0
2016-05-07The whole app was 25,000downloaded!
2016-05-06Nonogram was 10,000 downloaded!
2016-05-05Visual Acuity Testver1.0
2016-05-04Flash Arithmeticver1.7
2016-05-02Flash Arithmeticver1.6
2016-05-01Nan J Readerver1.1
2016-04-30Monte Carlo Solitairever1.2
2016-04-30Number Placever1.3
2016-04-29Nonogram was 9,000 downloaded!
2016-04-28Flash Arithmeticver1.5
2016-04-27Nan J Readerver1.0
2016-04-22Nonogram was 8,000 downloaded!
2016-04-20Text Crypter was 1,000 downloaded!
2016-04-16The whole app was 20,000downloaded!
2016-04-14Amidakuji was 3,000 downloaded!
2016-04-14Nonogram was 7,000 downloaded!
2016-04-06the Dicesver1.0
2016-04-06Nonogram was 6,000 downloaded!
2016-04-0215 Puzzlever1.0
2016-03-31Nonogram was 5,000 downloaded!
2016-03-3110 Solitairever1.0
2016-03-29Lucky Clover Solitairever1.0
2016-03-26The whole app was 15,000downloaded!
2016-03-25Nonogram was 4,000 downloaded!
2016-03-24Couple Solitairever1.1
2016-03-24Monte Carlo Solitairever1.1
2016-03-20Pyramid Solitairever1.1
2016-03-19Monte Carlo Solitairever1.0
2016-03-19Nonogram was 3,000 downloaded!
2016-03-18Couple Solitairever1.0
2016-03-15Pyramid Solitairever1.0
2016-03-13Nonogram was 2,000 downloaded!
2016-03-08The whole app was 10,000downloaded!
2016-03-07Nonogram was 1,000 downloaded!
2016-03-04The whole app was 9,000downloaded!
2016-03-01Number Placever1.2
2016-02-26Amidakuji was 2,000 downloaded!
2016-02-23The whole app was 8,000downloaded!
2016-02-23Number Placever1.1
2016-02-18Number Placever1.0
2016-02-13Colored Tilever1.2
2016-02-13Color Sensever1.1
2016-02-13Flash Memoriesver1.2
2016-02-13Kaibun Generatorver1.1
2016-02-13Password Generatorver1.1
2016-02-13SI Prefix Converterver1.1
2016-02-11The whole app was 7,000downloaded!
2016-02-10Flash Arithmeticver1.4
2016-02-10Flash Arithmetic Customver1.1
2016-02-09BMI Calculatorver1.1
2016-02-09Life Clockver1.1
2016-02-09Momonga kunver1.4
2016-02-09Radix Converterver1.1
2016-02-09Text Crypterver1.1
2016-02-08Flash Arithmetic was 2,000 downloaded!
2016-01-29The whole app was 6,000downloaded!
2016-01-15The whole app was 5,000downloaded!
2016-01-07Amidakuji was 1,000 downloaded!

Happy New Year!

Cheers to 2016!

2015-12-25The whole app was 4,000downloaded!
2015-12-03The whole app was 3,000downloaded!
2015-11-08Flash Arithmetic was 1,000 downloaded!
2015-11-05Color Sensever1.0
2015-11-03Momonga kunver1.3
2015-10-25Momonga kunver1.2
2015-10-15SI Prefix Converterver1.0
2015-10-08The whole app was 2,000downloaded!
2015-10-07Momonga kunver1.1
2015-10-03The whole app was 1,000downloaded!
2015-10-03Password Generatorver1.0
2015-09-30Text Crypterver1.0
2015-09-22Momonga kunver1.0
2015-09-21Flash Arithmetic Customver1.0
2015-09-17Radix Converterver1.0
2015-09-08BMI Calculatorver1.0
2015-08-22Flash Arithmeticver1.3
2015-08-21Flash Arithmeticver1.2
2015-08-18Flash Memoriesver1.1
2015-08-12Colored Tilever1.1
2015-08-12Flash Arithmeticver1.1
2015-08-11Flash Memoriesver1.0
2015-08-10Kaibun Generatorver1.0
2015-08-10Life Clockver1.0
2015-08-05Colored Tilever1.0
2015-08-03Flash Arithmeticver1.0
2015-07-10kittengine starts!